Event Date

Mar 14


Championing choice in a multi-product HIV prevention market is a Global PrEP Learning Network* webinar hosted by the PEPFAR- and USAID-supported MOSAIC consortium.

Individuals who need and want PrEP may soon have multiple options for the first time since oral PrEP was introduced in 2012. New products, including the dapivirine vaginal ring and injectable cabotegravir, have been approved in several countries, and more biomedical prevention products are in development. As the catalog of HIV prevention products expands, so too does the conversation about the importance of upholding choice to optimize the benefits for potential PrEP users.

In this webinar, we will take a look at the PrEP product pipeline, discuss the role of choice in HIV prevention, and explore what it will take to put choice into practice throughout the health system.

Watch the recording here.

*All recordings and webinar resources are available on PrEPWatch at Global PrEP Learning Network – PrEPWatch.